Marcus Zarco

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Language, Dialect, and Accents


Native: United States English 

Basic: Mexican Spanish

Narration Dialect:

Non-regional United States
*Comfortable with light pronunciation in Mexican Spanish



U.S. American Midwest

Texas English

Tejano (Texas Mexican or Tex-Mex)

Personal Professional Studio

Areas of Knowledge or Interest


*I enjoy everything related to these topics including movies, games, books, conventions, etc.

A little about Marcus...

Marcus Zarco is a Texas-born, Chicago-based voice actor. Marcus is a lifelong learner with degrees in accounting and educating adults and values the importance of storytelling in creating connections mentally, emotionally, and culturally. Marcus is an LGBTQ+ Latino narrator who enjoys stories that mix his native tongue and American English - they remind him of conversations with his Mexican grandmother (one side in English and one side in Spanish with complete understanding). 

A born Trekkie and converted Start Wars fan he enjoys all things science fiction. Middle grade and YA fantasy offer him the fun opportunity to see how many character voices he can come up with. Marcus also enjoys the opportunity to add his voice to non-fiction material as he does with his elearning and corporate clients. 

When he's not deciding how to cook meals (BBQ is a current favorite), he is usually reading audiobooks, watching movies, or people watching hoping to pick up a new "voice" to use in his next endeavor. Learn more

Some stories are too hot for Marcus...

Are you looking for a narrator who will perform stories that are warmer than normal, perhaps a bit hot, or spicy, or titillating? Please click the button below to meet TJ Dakota.

I'm proud to be a Voice Talent member of the Audio Publishers Association, a volunteer narrator for 

Learning Ally, and associated with these organizations.